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Awning Window Features

1. Simultaneously fusion-welded frame and sash for added strength and prevention of air infiltration

2. Stainless steel hinges on either side of the sash allow it to open 450 for increased air circulation even on rainy days

3. Double point locking system for a tight seal and added security

4. Interior Heritage glazing system with co-extruded flexible seal on sash eliminates leaks

5. Dedicated secondary backup seal in case of primary seal failure

6. Drainage channels hidden in front of exterior sash

7. INEX spacer with dual seal for optimum efficiency

8. Quad (4) white co-extruded weather-strip sealing system

9. Separated Multi-chambered design adds insulation, strength, drainage and reduces condensation

Primary Seal BC's awning windows open out from the bottom, allowing air to circulate and ventilate your home freely while providing a unique protective shield from the elements.

AWNING windows

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